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As of Friday, May 15, 2020 Team Kentucky Fund applications are being accepted online at This is the fund that will help pay for water and sewer bills for applicants who qualify. 

Please contact your local Community Action outreach office if you have questions about the application process. You can locate your county office, as well as find information about additional COVID-19 Resources, on CAK’s website at

Community Action Kentucky, Inc. will evaluate all applications to determine who is eligible to receive funding. You must meet all of the following criteria to be approved.

  • Proof of employment: The applicant must supply proof that he or she was employed on a full-time basis (meaning employment that averaged at least thirty (30) hours per week) on or after March 6, 2020.
  • Adverse financial impact due to COVID-19: The applicant must demonstrate an adverse financial impact due to the COVID-19 outbreak. This shall be defined as the loss of employment or a reduction of more than fifty percent (50%) of gross earned income on or after March 6, 2020.
  • Proof of income: The applicant must supply proof that his or her household’s income (1) was below four hundred percent (400%) of the official poverty income guidelines prior to March 6, 2020 and (2) is at or below two hundred percent (200%) of the official poverty income guidelines at the time of applying.
  • Verification of household income and members: The applicant must supply proof of his or her total household income and the names of all adults over the age of eighteen (18) residing in their household.

Community Action of Kentucky, Inc. will provide financial vouchers of up to $1,000 for eligible persons. Vouchers will be provided for the following approved expenses.

  • Rent assistance: a voucher may be issued for the payment of rent. The voucher will be made directly payable to the applicant’s landlord.
  • Mortgage assistance: a voucher may be issued for payment of a mortgage. The voucher will be made directly payable to the mortgage holder, including, if applicable, any escrowed tax or insurance obligations pursuant to the terms of the applicant’s note and mortgage.
  • Food/Grocery assistance: a voucher may be issued for groceries to be purchased. The voucher will be made directly payable to a grocer.
  • Utility assistance: a voucher may be issued for the payment of utilities, including electricity, water, gas, sewage, bottled gas used for home heating, and waste/trash.

In order to complete the application process, you will need the required information / documents listed below:

  • Date of Birth and SSN of all individuals who are living together in the principal residence as one economic unit for whom rent/mortgage, residential utilities, and/or groceries are customarily purchased in common.
  • Supporting documentation to verify expenses that you are seeking via a financial award from the Team Kentucky Fund. Samples of supporting documentation include copies of utility bills, lease, rental agreement, and/or other appropriate documentation.
  • If you declare that you had income, you will need the type of income and monthly income for each applicate household member.
  • Income verification document for the years 2019 and 2020. Samples of an income verification document include copy of paycheck, quarterly filing, IRS Form 1099 or W2, or other relevant documentation.
  • Depending on the Employer Verification Document method you choose to submit, you will need a completed and signed employer verification document(s) and/or other documentation to verify employment and to verify financial hardship. You will also have the option for the system to send an email to your employer upon submission of your application that provides a link to this website for your employer to click and verify your employment. Samples of documents to verify employment include pay stubs, work schedules, bank statements showing direct deposit from employer, copy of paycheck, quarterly filing, IRS Form 1099 or W2, or other relevant documentation. Samples to verify financial hardship include 2019 W-2s, tax returns, pay stubs, quarterly filings, IRS Form 1099, or other relevant documentation.


Background of the Lincoln County Sanitation District

The Hanging Fork Nine-Key Element Watershed Plan, which was developed in conjunction with the Dix River Watershed Council, indicated elevated levels of E. coli bacteria in the Hanging Fork Watershed, of which human waste made up 75% of the fecal bacteria, while livestock averaged 25% (Watershed Based Plan, Hanging Fork Watershed, Third Rock Consultants, 2009).  The large presence of human waste was attributed to failing septic tanks, straight pipes, and lack of sewer system. 

In April 2011, the Lincoln County Fiscal Court adopted an ordinance establishing the Lincoln County Sanitation District as a result of these findings and initiated the development of the Phase I Sewer Project to mitigate the problem.  Phase I installed a sanitary sewer system from Junction City (Boyle County) to Hustonville (Lincoln County) along the US Highway 127 corridor.  This project provided access to wastewater collection for 605 previously unserved customers in western Lincoln County in the Hanging Fork Watershed.  
In 2017, construction was completed on the Phase I & IA project which provided sanitary sewer service to most of Hustonville and subdivisions north of McCormack's Church Road to the Lincoln County / Boyle County line.  

The Lincoln County Sanitation District’s Phase I Sewer Project totaled nearly $8 million and was funded by multiple sources.  Loans were granted by the United States Department of Agriculture – Rural Development and Kentucky Infrastructure Authority.  Matching funds were provided by the Lincoln County Fiscal Court, Stanford-Lincoln County Industrial Development Authority, and City of Hustonville.  Grants were issued by Appalachian Regional Commission, Community Development Block Grant, United States Department of Agriculture – Rural Development, in addition to partial loan forgiveness extended by Kentucky Infrastructure Authority.

After the completion of Phase I, work began to provide additional service to those areas along the 127 corridor south of McCormack's Church Road.  A map of the Phase II Project can be viewed here.

Customer Information

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Lincoln County Sanitation District By-laws

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Ground Water Pollution from Septic Tanks

Lincoln County Sanitation District Nationally Recognized by PISCES Program

Lincoln County Sanitation District in Kentucky Recognized by EPA for Excellence and Innovation in Clean Water Infrastructure

Lincoln County Sanitation District Receives 2018 H20 Award

Lincoln County Sanitation District named Environmental Pacesetter by Kentucky Department of Environmental Protection

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